By Jena Butler – AV Investment Executive


10am: Arrival

I arrive at 2 Television Centre feeling strangely calm about my first day at Zenith. Although the day ahead is unpredictable, I have already communicated with multiple people across Publicis; organising my building pass, filling in new starter forms and, of course, a schedule of the day’s events. There are many other new starters in reception, and we are a variety of people: a few graduates, like me, but there is a mix of older employees too.  It was a comforting notion that the induction day was an inclusive process for everyone, regardless of talent or career level: we were all beginning together.

Eventually, when everyone has collected their building passes, we are introduced to the induction team, who take us to the Learning & Development room to get settled. First, of course, there is an ice breaker, and we all listen curiously to the different departments people are joining. Next, we watch some great videos about the history of Publicis and its founder, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet. Perhaps the most exciting part of the talk was hearing about all the employee benefits and discounts! I was most interested in their online training platform, Marcel, which offers over 15,000 courses to get stuck into. During my interview process, I had many conversations about the importance of my growth and development at Publicis and was glad to benefit from such an accessible tool.

11:30am: Tech Set-Up

The IT department arrived right on schedule to give us our laptops and headsets. There was also an opportunity to go through any technical queries, and the team took us through each set-up process step by step.

11:45am: Tour of TVC

We were gathered back together and given a tour of 2 Television Centre, floor by floor. The whole building is incredibly open and light. When you look up from reception, you get a spectacular view of all the bridges which connect each agency to the centre of the building where all the lifts are. There was a large cycle storage space in the basement, and male and female changing rooms for anyone who needs to shower and change before work, complete with lockers and hairdryers. On the very top floor, there is Café Marcel, where employees can enjoy coffee and snacks. There is also a canteen that serves breakfast, a snooker table, and most aesthetically, a balcony that runs down the whole side of the building, offering a view for miles of White City and the London skyline.

12:20pm: Meet the Team

Our managers come to collect us from the L&D room, and we say goodbye to each other. My manager, Natalie Holmes, takes me to Zenith’s office where I am introduced to the team. Some of my new colleagues pop up on Teams over a video call, and there are a few others dotted around the office too. Either way, the meeting was incredibly welcoming, and I’m surprised at the shared passion that everyone shares. Natalie and I have a quick meeting to discuss my new role, and I am introduced to my clients.

2pm: Lunch

Everyone in the AV team goes out for lunch together to welcome all the new starters to Zenith. We are treated to drinks at Westfield, and it was lovely to chat to everyone in such a relaxed setting.

3:30pm: Getting my Bearings

I’m shown around the office where there are three kitchens and multiple printer/stationary points – my dream! I spent the afternoon going through all the new software and getting organised. Natalie sends me a handy TV Buying Module guide, and I sit in on a few team meetings with everyone, getting a first glance at some of the processes.

5:30pm: Home Time

I leave the building feeling unbelievably welcomed into my new position. As we approach a post-pandemic, I have been part of the first group to be given both a virtual and in-person onboarding experience. Looking back, the process was both seamless and organised. Having moved over from a different industry, I was admittedly nervous that everything would be out of my comfort zone. Although some areas are, I’m genuinely excited for the challenge ahead, particularly with such a helpful and knowledgeable community ready to support me.



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