Our people are brilliant specialists. We’re straight talking, preferring to keep things simple. We’re always positive, scouting for new opportunities. And, we’re in it together, we’re natural collaborators. Our values reflect this:


Never give up

We’re our clients’ partners. So their goals become our goals. We do everything we can to not just meet those goals, but surpass them

Driven by detail

We’re obsessed with every detail. The insight we gather helps us solve complex challenges and transform our clients’ businesses. It’s our job to know the detail so we can make our clients’ lives better.

The inventive spirit

This spirit is what sets our people apart from others in the industry. Our desire to find, create and develop new approaches and platforms to transform our clients’ businesses is where the magic happens.

Giving Back

At Zenith, we’re in it together. So we’re passionate about giving back to the communities that support us and are around us.

ZEDHouse is our social committee. Its purpose is to provide employees with a whole host of events and activities, enabling people from different departments to get the opportunity to meet and have fun in a relaxed and informal environment. We do everything from gin tasting to golf days, life drawing to trips abroad.

We also have a strong focus on giving back to the community and to good causes. We support our local and national charity partners, Baron’s Court Project and Macmillan Cancer Support, by organising fundraising events, volunteering and through in-agency initiatives.

It’s not just our social responsibility that we take seriously – we believe that we have a role to play in making our world more sustainable. As a business, we have made a commitment to adapt our operations to be net-zero carbon by 2025. Furthermore, we are consulting with our clients on how they can make their brands more sustainable through media and marketing communications.

Zenith's Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are critical in bringing to life Publicis Groupe’s ‘Viva la Difference!’ promise.

EVOLVE. Educate. Support. Celebrate.

EVOLVE is Zenith’s action-orientated diversity and inclusion team. We are committed to a process, not an end-goal. The three core pillars underpinning our philosophy are to educate, support and celebrate. As a team, we are committed to educating, supporting and celebrating the differences between us all with the aim of creating an inclusive culture where everyone has a strong sense of belonging.

We aim to create a working environment in which diversity and inclusion is not a mission limited to one team. Instead, we aim to foster a culture in which our people are consistently and effectively educated, supported and celebrated to make diversity and inclusion what it should be, a collective mission.

Our Business Resource Groups

As well as Zenith’s own diversity champions – Evolve – there are many Publicis Groupe BRGs which our Zenith teammates are free to join, including VivaWomen!, Égalité, enABLE, EMBRACE, Women In Tech and more than a dozen others that are thriving across our network.