From Tuesday 2 – Friday 12 June, Zenith is hosting their very own Festival of Effectiveness. The internal event, organised by Alice Kamara, Zenith’s Specialist Director: Marketing Effectiveness, will tackle the question: “What does effectiveness look like now?”.

Zenith enlisted seven fantastic speakers from across the industry to dive into this subject: discussing how effectiveness has changed in 2020, and what effectiveness now looks like for our clients and for the media industry.

On this page, you’ll be able to find all of the content from the festival: webinars of sessions, supporting documents and finally, Zenith’s Festival of Effectiveness podcast. Created from roundtable discussions hosted by Alice Kamara, these podcast episodes delve deeper into the content that was covered in the webinars and really draw out topics that are key for us and our clients.

As the festival continues over the next week, we will continue to upload webinars, podcasts and supporting documents from the remaining events. Stay tuned!



SESSION ONE: Matt Hill: Research & Planning Director @ Thinkbox

A deep dive into the robust econometric study ‘Demand Generation’ which outlines the key decisions that advertisers need to consider when laying down their plans. 

This session gives us a view on how to determine the optimal channel mix, how the Thinkbox tool Demand Generator can help and what factors we need to consider in a post-COVID world.  


SESSION TWO: Leslie Wood: Chief Research Officer @ Nielsen NCSolutions

Leslie takes us through her 3 research topics: “Five keys to Effective Advertising”, “Building Brands” and “Loyalty in the time of COVID”.  Leslie session kicked off some thought-provoking discussion where her research goes directly up against the work of Byron Sharpe as she lays what her research says about Building Brands.


SESSION THREE: Leonie Gates-Sumner: Head of Marketing Effectiveness @ Kantar

Tactical and usable guidance for how we as marketers should behave in this current climate when it comes to our use of media and creative.  As well as the topic of larger structural changes that are fundamental for business who are able to thrive even in times of adversity.  Leonie took us through a plethora of Kantar research which can be used as guidance for companies to thrive even in times of adversity. 


SESSION FOUR: Kate Waters Director of Client Strategy and Planning @ ITV

Drawing from her experience with clients and from her work judging IPA Effectiveness papers to take us through the steps that we can take to broach the topic of effectiveness head-on.  Kate focuses on five key areas to tackle this topic: Knowledge, Generosity, Experimentation, Culture and Context.


SESSION FIVE: Orlando Wood Chief Innovation Officer @ System 1 and Author of Lemon

Lemon looks at how certain types of advertisings affect parts of the brain and what that means for the effectiveness of that advertising.  In the webinar he took us through the evidence he brings forward in his publication relates to COVID specific comms and provided guidance on how to best communicate at the moment.


SESSION SIX: Sam Dias Head of Marketing Effectiveness @ Zenith

Tackling the topic of how we predict effectiveness in uncertain times, very pertinent at the moment.  To do this, he took us through the principles of Morphing and some Risk Theory which is used in Financial Portfolio Management.

All of this set up the fantastic tool Torchlight which enables us to set budgets with a view on the response of our media as well as the level of risk involved in these decisions.


SESSION SEVEN: Fran Cassidy @ Cassidy Consulting

Drawing on her range of multiple studies on the marketing – finance relationship in business, Fran takes us through how all marketers can be smarter in their approach to building bridges with finance. A fantastic point of view on where we should be focusing our attention in order to demonstrate the value that Marketing brings to a business.

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