Does the programmatic sector need a detox?

Our Head of programmatic at Zenith UK, Yu-Hsuan Lin, discusses with The Drum.

“Programmatic is clearly more complex than television and should be treated as such. There is little doubt that most media will be programmatically purchased in the future, and as such, a reciprocity from brands is welcome”, said Sam Lin, head of programmatic at Zenith.

“Programmatic has seemed like such a daunting intellectual thing that if you don’t know anything about it, you don’t want to be in the forefront speaking. It would be great if brands had at least one leader or spokesperson within the programmatic field to continue to challenge agencies, to keep us on our toes. To have fruitful conversations. We can simplify things, but if there isn’t someone on the other end of the phone or table to really digest and understand what’s being done, it doesn’t seem to be as fruitful long-term.”

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