7 powerful women on their secrets to a work-life balance

Our CEO Natalie Cummins shares her tips on how she makes her work-life blend work with The Telegraph.

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“I work a four-day week as a lone parent of three and leave the office most days at 5.30pm. Overall, I make it work, although there are certainly “oh s***” moments.

I have a few tried and tested techniques: I make good use of commute time to get through emails. If I can text a client rather than email, I will. I find ways to simplify everything. I don’t have meetings that I don’t need to have. I don’t work Fridays but I confess that I do stuff here and there, because ultimately it’s easier for me if I do so and that’s what it’s all about.

I fit the gym and assemblies – and frankly, pedicures – in when I can and as long as I achieve all I set out to at the beginning of each day, I don’t feel bad about blending it up.” 

Image credit: Telegraph


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