Challenge and Insights

Male investors outnumber female investors 2:1, yet female investments perform at least 1.2% better than men’s. So having such a small number of female investors is holding back society, the economy and NatWest’s business.

We uncovered a huge unconscious bias towards women and Finance. 47% of women said they felt patronised or ignored when it came to paying bills, buying goods and critically, investing money (source: Vocalist). We’ve all been there: the money questions get directed at the man, not the woman. Big mistake.

We calculated that a 10% increase in female investors with NatWest would deliver an incremental £32m revenue to the business. We needed to make a change.


Through analysis of 1,600 financial ads and articles we found a marked difference in communications aimed at men and women. Male-centred communications are empowering, intensely flattering and investment-focussed, while the female-targeted communications focus on curing over-spending.

It was clear that a female voice and perspective was missing from discussions about money and investments, and this was leading to unconscious bias and fewer female investors. This was not about making less patronising advertising: NatWest needed to provide a credible and helpful voice and start a two-way conversation. The answer lay in making content women wanted to see, made by women like them.

We developed A Woman’s Worth Collective, a NatWest online community and content hub. Built by female investors, for female investors, it aimed to provide engaging and useful conversation around personal investments.


Our research informed the topics the Woman’s Worth Collective needed to address, but to be a true community, we knew we needed to keep listening and keep improving. Alongside our editorial calendar, we ran focus groups and Q&As to provide insight and data, informing future conversation topics.

This led us to create A Woman’s Worth Summit, a bold live event with workshops and panellists, fuelled by conversation in the Collective. This was hugely oversubscribed and a massive success, creating the foundations of a movement that NatWest will own and build on for years to come.


This campaign is just the start. What was once an ‘accepted’ unconscious bias is now a recognised issue to be addressed:

Over 5,000 sign-ups to “A Woman’s Worth Collective”, achieving 10x the target that was set.

91% of women who engaged with the Collective agreed that NatWest were the first to shine a light on this issue (Vocalist).

71% of people want to see more campaigns like this from banks.

And critically, NatWest have already seen a 4% increase to date in female investors.


Sign-ups to A Woman’s Worth Collective


Agreement that NatWest were the first to shine a light on these issues


Increase in the number of female investors